Do you believe that God exists? You may reply, Yes, of course, I do! May I then ask, In what kind of God do you believe?
We are glad to know that God Almighty watches over us and cares for us, more than we do for ourselves. God cares for us and wishes that we would remain ever in the circle of His mercy. He calls us to look to Him and to believe that He takes pleasure in us and accepts us.
Are you God's enemy? We are truthful when we say that our sins have separated us from Him. He is holy and must punish our sins by death and condemnation. On the day of judgment sinners will go to hell.
How can we be saved? What can we do to become guiltless in the sight of God after having committed countless sins? How can we escape the enslaving power of sin? Everyone of us needs answers to these questions, for we all have sinned and live far away from God our creator.
That is an alarming title for a little tract, yet striking, for no one has been able to overcome sin. How, then can we insist that victory over sin is possible?
Dear friend, God loves you, and desires to make you clean. Don't delay, but thank Him for the grace He offers.
Christ once asked the following question, Who do the crowds say I am? (Luke 9:18). This is the most serious and vital question facing mankind. Until the end of time, the person of Christ will be the dividing point of groups, cultures, and schools of thought. The church of Christ on every continent and in every age has believed that the real union of mankind and God lies in Christ person.
Do you believe in an Almighty Creator, or do you accept the teachings of men, which say that man has evolved over the years from a boneless creature into an ape and on to our present image or form of "man"? Scientists among themselves disagree today over this unbelievable theory, but we are glad to confess our faith in the Creator, who brought into existence all things from nothing by His Holy Word. We do not know how He created all things, planets, earth and animals, but we worship Him since He made us. Our existence is not an accident
Everybody wants to experience real joy. Yet you can see how rare joy is. Most people do not possess it. They hurry from one amusement to another failing to reach true happiness.
Many today fill their minds with scientific knowledge, and are familiar with facts about the world. If you ask, "What is the purpose of your studies?" the answer might be that it is not religion and ethics, but rather technical knowledge and higher degrees that will qualify us for desirable posts. The aim is profit and comfortable living.
We live in times of growing hatred and disagreement; one party struggles against the other. Families quarrel among themselves; nations go to war and rush towards destruction. But no one really wants war. All long for peace, rest and progress. Why then do we hinder peace and speak in words of hate, of which we are ashamed afterwards?
If our insight and understanding were stronger, we would see the hidden troubles and pains of those around us, as well as the evil in their lives. This would alarm us or even make us shiver. So many people carry secret burdens, like porters carting heavy loads. But our eyes are not loving enough; we cannot read peoples' faces to realise the meaning of their wrinkled brows, their tired eyes or their sad faces.